Musicians in our midst

I am starting a new photography series that I call “Musicians in our midst.” There are musicians everywhere, quite often someone we have known for a long time but never knew they’re also passionate musicians. The first few photo shoots will be done outdoor, but I will also shoot indoor in the future, especially if the instruments are not portable, like a grand piano, for  example. 🙂

I always admire people with full time day jobs and yet trying their best to spend time doing other things they are passionate about. I can relate to that a lot. I have started the series with ballet dancers previously, and still on going. I also have few other ideas I am working on now, so stay tuned. 🙂

So, here is the first one.

Daniel Heng used to be a business consultant before moving to work for a bank now. He plays viola for an orchestra in Singapore during his spare time. I really enjoyed listening to him playing while I was shooting. A live music during a photo shoot! We almost built a crowd gathering around us. 🙂 He is really good.

Daniel’s girlfriend, Jac, tagged along and I decided to shoot some pictures with two of them together too.

If you know anyone I should photograph for this project who fits the bill I described above, do let me know. Send me a message. Thank you.

Musicians among us by Hendra Lauw.

By the way, here is the colour version in case you are interested to see.

Musician portrait photography.

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