A Girl and Her Teddy Bear

Everybody has their own favorite toy, I am sure. Be it a golf club, a vintage car, a sport car, a Nikon, a Canon, an LV, a Coach or anything …

Do you remember what your favorite toy was when you were 4 years old? I hope you do.

On her first birthday in 2006, I gave my daughter a small brown tedy bear, which she has liked and become her favorite toy until now. She is going five in few months. I am not sure how long that bear will last .. but I am sure the photos will last for a long time for my daughter to see when she is older. Hopefully she will see it together with the bear.

If you want to see how that bear looked like when she first got it, see here on my personal blog that I have been maintaining as her diary of growing up : Nina’s first birthday. It was a long blog entry as it was meant to be a recap of the first one year. Scroll down to the third picture from the bottom. The bear still looked new and shiny then.

So, if you have not done it yet, please bring out your camera now and start taking images of your children’s toys or your children’s first shoes or slippers. It’s digital, so it’s cheap, You can take as many pictures as you want from many different angles. And have fun.


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